Advantages and Disadvantages of intranet portal

Published: 15th June 2010
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An intranet portal is a tool, which unifies the access of data in an organization. It helps a company to manage its data and information very easily and you can have a personalized view of entire company information within a short time. This tool also used in enterprises hence it is also known as enterprise portal. These tools are very much user friendly can be programmed according to user like you can handle thousands of users request very easily and you can keep a track of it.

•Intranet portals help the employee make better decision in any situation with relevant stats.

•This makes to reduce the cost and save time so that you can take quick and reliable decision using this tool.

•The data can be accessible any were, which increase the efficiency and increase the productivity of labor.

•Intranet portal is a Web-based tool that allows users to create a customized site according their needs. You can pull all Internet activities and desired content into a single page which make easier to access.

•Cost is bit higher. But it is one time cost which has lot of advantage after implementing.

•Security issue is ongoing problem, experts are working out to make to data more secure and to avoid unauthorized access.

•Having everything in one place is very good but if it is not organized then you will mess-up everything. Which lower the productivity and it is more feasible to errors. Hence experts still working on the organizing the thing better.

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